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Battle of the Bands


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Add your band to the Spring Kick Off Parade for the Tri County Stop the Violence Fashion Festival

April 4 2020 at Weldon High School Football Field 

STV Fashion Festival Kick Off Parade

Parade caravan will proceed From Weldon Elementary School to the High School. 7-8 :30am line up, 9:00am Start Time

Battle of the Bands Performance Punch

Full Field Show Performance
10 min max Time Slot 
1st, 2nd & 3rd Place Awards
Based on Highest total Score
The judges then give a score or rating based on their observations.  All of the scores and ratings are brought to the tabulator and a final score or rating is determined. 

Performance Criteria
*Music Performance

How well does the band play?  Are they in tune?  Are they together?  Do they have an "ensemble sound"?

*Visual Performance

How well do they march?  Are they in step?  How clean (together) is the color guard work?  How is their body carriage?  How are the horn angles? How is the spacing?

*General Effect / Aesthetics

Is the music conveying a mood or message to the audience?  Is the entire visual program conveying a mood or message to the audience?  Are the forms and movements readable?  How well do both music and visual integrate into a total package that represents the theme?


How clean (together) is the percussion section?  Are they playing musically?  Is the front ensemble (pit) playing with the rest of the ensemble?  How well do they balance with the wind section?


Each caption counts for a specific percentage of the final score of rating:
Music Performance (two judges) 60%  (30% each)
Visual Performance 20%
General Effect 20% (Musical GE - 10%, Visual GE - 10%

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