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VaVichi Clothiers, an international fashion brand founded here in the USA. We represent bravura and superior quality in this modern age of fashion design. ... Unique style, authenticity and elegance are at the heart of the brand’s philosophy... VaVichi is a brand on the rise and has recently Been featured in various publications including Vizaca Business Magazine, C&F Magazine and Pressed Magazine 

== History ==

The North Carolina based fashion line, headquartered in New Jersey was officially founded and organized in 2017 as VaVichi Clothiers LLC, but the fashion brand dates its origins to the mid 2000s with the LOEG Men's Fashion brand. In December 2017 the brand officially released it's product line to the public with the launch of their online store Since then the brand has emerged as a major player in the fashion industry as well as a staple in communities across the eastern seaboard with their charitable events and the awareness brought to critical issues like domestic abuse and autism awareness to name a few. Recently VaVichi Royalty Media released a documentary film BULLDAWGS: The Emmanuel Boone Story, as well as a Rhythm and Blues compilation series entitled VaVichi Vibes.

== The Collection ==


VaVichi Royalty Collection consist of men's, women's, and children, mid-ranged to luxury fashion apparel including but not limited to t-shirts, polo's, sweaters, vests, dress shirts, hoodies, jackets, hats, and chokers. All pieces are embroidered with the VaVichi label. VaVichi Clothiers brand divisions include VaVichi Kings Men's Wear, VaVichi Queens Women's fashion, and VaVichi Young Royals youth fashions.



== The Name ==


The name VaVichi is defined by Elegance, Craftsmanship, Engineering & Distinctive Design. For seekers of truth and wisdom, this Faith based brand is illuminating A path to the future of fashion. 

The company's "VaVichi Unified…& Live, LIVE! Live Limitless" slogan reflects a positive and caring attitude towards life that motivates us to live in the moment. “Cherish your 1st Piece” Reflects the quality and beauty of the product, and like all fine art and symbols of value in the world, you always want to keep a special place for that 1st piece you receive.

375 numbers also connect to a higher meaning of self awareness and advancement in our world and company's mascot The Peacock is a renowned symbol of Beauty, as well as protection and divinity.

We welcome you to the family as we embark on this VaVichi Life of Lavish Extravagance! Hand Crafted, and tactfully engineered to display authentic style with the most diverse color palate on the market today. Make your statement with VaVichi.  


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