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BULLDAWGS Film to premier in 2 November Film Festivals

The Vavichi Royalty Documentary film BULLDAWGS: The Emmanuel Boone Story will be featured in two Global film festivals in the month of November. On Nov. 10 the film will be brought back as a finalist for Documentary film category in the Lift Off Global Session Pinewood Studios

The Bulldawgs film will also be featured November 24-29 in the italian Fiorenzo Serra Film Festival in the category of Enthnographic Documentaries

The documentary film chronicles the life of coach and community activist Emmanuel Boone Jr. Take an intrinsic look at his life and the lasting legacy that he has created in the community...

This independent film is a VaVichi Media Production, a division of VaVichi Clothiers LLC, Written and produced by Victor Manley, Soundtrack engineered by William Symphony of Legion of Muzik and teeDotpee Productions, includes sounds from King LA, Carolinas Pressure, Fatt Sosa, D. Swint, Veronica V, & cuts from VaVichi Vibes Vol. 2 By DJ Gates, DJ DatDatDat, Nesha Da Voice and More.... A touching and visually captivating piece,

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